NGS is a global engineering firm

Specializing in:
• Specialized process engineering & design
• Bespoke fabrication
• Installation of cleanrooms, industrial manufacturing and controlled environments


Our Mission

To continue to be the leading Process Engineering Company who design, fabricate and install industrial hardware solutions and bespoke cleanroom environments,  primarily for global life science and ICT organizations; and to help clients maximize their productivity through increased automation and robotics.

Core Competencies



  • Robotic integrations
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Conveyor System automation
  • Material handling equipment design including trolleys and carts
  • Kitting systems
  • Packaging systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • CE Mark accreditation
  • Cleanroom design with “turnkey” installation
  • SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD renderings


  • Sterilization trays including IV sterilization trays
  • Autoclave equipment including dipping baskets
  • Stainless steel furniture for healthcare/pharmaceutical applications
  • Medical device/implant sterilization equipment
  • Custom equipment for hostile (corrosive or high temperature) environments + special coatings/treatments
  • Oil & gas equipment
  • Off-highway automotive including metal honeycomb
  • In-house laser cutting, punching, folding, powder coating, CNC machining


Portfolio clients

Portfolio clients include some of the world’s most recognized life sciences & technology production facilities such as:

NGS Portfolio Clients



NGS’ executive leadership and engineers comprise strong teams with longevity and dedication to perfecting their craft, grounded in 3 decades of excellence.

Sean Stafford - Managing Director

Sean Stafford

Joint Managing Director

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Ken Stafford - Managing Director

Ken Stafford

Joint Managing Director

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Steve Gibson - Director

Steve Gibson

Commercial Director

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